German Ambassador to Sierra Leone urges political parties to work towards political stability and peace.

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Relationship between the Government of Germany and Sierra Leone is being further strengthened by a meeting in Berlin of the German Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Horst Gruner and Ambassador of Sierra Leone to Germany, Dr. MBaimba Lamin Baryoh.

Relevant issues discussed included more German investment in Sierra Leone and the latter’s proposed membership of the G20 Compact with Africa of which Germany is a very important key player. At the moment, there are few German owned businesses in Sierra Leone namely; DHL courier service, LEOCEM manufacturers of cement and Brussels Airlines which is part of the Lufthansa group, a reputable international air carrier.

Ambassador Gruner’s assessment of the situation in Sierra Leone sounds positive but a bit worrisome on the political front. This is where he is urging the political actors in Sierra Leone to work towards political stability and peace as it has the propensity to scare away potential investors.

For his part, Ambassador Baryoh lauded the German government’s readiness to always support Sierra Leone and gave the assurance that all conditions are been met for investment as the country is rich in mineral wealth, marine resources  and with available facilities to attract tourism. He too isn’t happy that only 1% of German investment is in Africa.

In an unrelated development and an event at which ambassadors accredited to Germany were present, Ambassador Baryoh in his presentation spoke about Sierra Leone observing democratic principles, the ongoing  infrastructural development, maintenance of peace, security and the aggressive fight against corruption; referencing the country’s high scores in the recently released corruption index of the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

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