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Ambassador MBaimba Baryoh, on Tuesday August 20th paid a courtesy call to Mr. Christoph Kannengießer, Chief Executive Officer of the Africa Association of German Business (Africa Verein) and their discussion centred around an upcoming event later this year at which Sierra Leone will possibly occupy centre stage.

It is going to be the first German-African ICT Forum to be hosted on 19th September whose agenda Mr. Kannengießer says will be an interesting event connecting German companies with African countries and coinciding with the hosting also of the annual Green Week at which a roundtable discussion about Sierra Leone on health and Agri-business will be hosted.

Ambassador Baryoh emphasised that Energy, Health, Agriculture and Education, (particularly vocational training) are the areas he would love to see attract attention of investors in relation to Sierra Leone.  He expressed how happy he was to have found his way to Africa Verein.

According to Mr. Kannengießer, there is going to be a plenary session during the event at which a Minister from Sierra Leone should be available to present a case for Sierra Leone. He lauded the Ambassador who in the absence of Ministers at past events has made interventions in presenting a case for Sierra Leone. Besides the plenary, specific workshops are also going to be held, Kannengießer said,

The Ambassador assured him that every effort will be made to get the Minister of Tertiary Education of Sierra Leone, Prof. Gbakima attend the event as it would be a huge boost for the country particularly so, because the focus will be on vocational training. He also briefed him how the Sierra Leone Import and Export Promotion Agency (SLIEPA) can be a useful component in an event like this. Partnership with the Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce with companies in Germany was also suggested by Mr. Kannengießer to serve as an interface between the private sector and the government.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health and Sanitation, Dr. Alpha Wurie has also been invited by Africa Verien and the German Health Alliance to attend the 6th German-African Healthcare forum on 30th October 2019 organized as side conference of the World Health Summit holding from 27th to 29th October in Berlin.

The forum will discuss major healthcare topics and focus on Healthcare Business: Partnerships with Multi-sectoral Approaches, taking into account the digitalization process in the health sector.

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