Summary of Justice Biobele Comission of inquiries report presentaion.

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223 Bilions of Leones where Misappropraited by person of intrest($94Million) investgated by Justice Biobele

126 person of intrest investigated in his comission

84 indicted by Justice Biobele, they include

1 indicted former President of Sierra Leone ( Ernest Bai Koroma)

13 indicted Former Minister

6 indicted Deputy former minister

1 indicted CEO of National Ebola Response Center

1 indicted former secret to the former President.

2 indicted former Governor of the bank of Sierra Leone

1 indicted former chairman of National Comission for Privatisation

3 indicted Member of Parliment

10 Permament Secretary

1 former coordinating officer of National Election Commmission.

1 former head of case management Team at the Ebola operation Center

2 former Director General

1 former CEO of Small Medium Enterprise Development Agency

1 former Managing Director of Sierra Leone Commercial Bank.

5 of the former Director of youth project where indicted.

3 heads of Musicial groups in Sierra Leone. (Kolabo and others to refund the money giving to then back to the Government of Sierra Leone)

26 Person of intrest where Discharge.

5 Former Minister where discharge

10 former deputy minister where discharge

2 Permament Secretary where discharge

9 other person of intrest where discharge including

(a ) Kawsu Kebbie

(b) Chief Sadiq Kapuwa

(c ) Ibrahim Swarry of NPPA.

The most guilt of all indicted was Linkokwing university, that was not in the intrest of the people of Sierra Leone. Everything about it formation is corrupt.

17 person of Intrest on asset declaration where investigated by Justice Biobel they are

(1) Madam finda Diana Konomanyi

(2 ) Miatta Kargbo

(3) Ibrahim washinga Mansary

(4 ) Abdul linoux Koroma

(5 ) Minkalu Mansary

(6) Ahmead Kanu

(7 ) Alimmay Kamara

(8 ) Mabinty Daramy

(9 ) Bai Mahmoud Bangura

(10 ) Alfred Paolo Conteh

(11) Dr Minkalu Bah

(12) Alimmay P Koroma

(13) Mahmoud Tarawall

(14 ) Dr Richard Conteh

(15) Franklin Bai Kargbo

(16) Sulata Cooper

(17 ) Rahmond Saidu Kargbo

14 of the asset of person of intrest of unexplained wealth where indicted

3 Person of intrest asset Discharge

All person indicted who failed to declare there asset should serve imprisonment of Six Months or pay 30 Million leones, diffrent from the money they shoud refund.

All Person of intrest who declare there asset only one or twice have also be found guilt, but been discharge at least they try said the justice Biobele.

All property own by Person of intrest that is within there earning are discharge

All account own by Person of intrest within there earning are discharge and giving acess to them back.

All propery acquire by Person of intrest indicted with fund beyond there means of income , are product of unlawful and unjust enrichment , hence forth there property would be forfeited forth with to the Government and people of Sierra Leone

All forfeited property should be sold to any intrest person in Sierra Leone as a fair value, and the money should be remitted immediately to the consuldated revenue fund of the Government of Sierra Leone.

All funds in the bank account of person indicted that is beyond there means of earning must be forfeited to the Government of Sierra Leone, within 30 days from the date the recommendation are ratified.

In the event anybody fail to return or repay the money Government shall use all law within there power to confiscate all money own by that individual , either money in the bank account, or property moveable or immoveable including houses, vehicles, stock belong to Person of intrest, with the purpose of selling it, in order to pay the amount belonging to the people of Sierra Leone.

All person of intrest that failed to attend the the hereing of the Comission of Inquries are there by indicted and ban 5 years for holding public office.

All Person of intrest who are ban from holding public office, after there ban is finish should write an appology letter to the people of Sierra Leone openly and publish it back to various news paper, and copy justice department for it records.

It is my hope that the Government of Sierra Leone under the leadership of H.E President Julius Maada Bio would recover all stolen money and property and return back to the people of Sierra Leone.

And this recommedition would serve as a reminder to all Present Government Minister, Deputy Minister, Director General, Permament Secretary that corruption has no place in sierra leone any more and they should work purely for the benefit and intrest of the people of Sierra Leone.

Justice Atuguba call on all Africa President to emulate President Bio who never interfer with the work of the COI.

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