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Good evening fellow Patriots, I hope this message finds you well. I’d like to congratulate you all and express my personal joy and pride in the Chairman, Executive and members of the Sierra Leone Alliance Germany (SLAG) for their determination in achieving the organization’s mission which is to improve the lives of Sierra Leoneans, not only here abroad but also at home.
Having listened to a cross section of the Executive at home on the radio this evening, I must say I am more hopeful than ever before about the prospect of realizing positive changes and improving the lives of our fellow citizens through peace, love and most importantly UNITY. We must remain bigger than the forces that seek to drive a ridge between us and converge to make a mark that will ripple to each and every countryman in all pockets of the world. We will work hard and become the benchmark for other sub organizations to try and reach.
I am also very optimistic of the future that we can create TOGETHER under the leadership of H.E. Rtd Brig. Julius Maada Bio, who has continued to call upon all Sierra Leoneans to look beyond our tribal, regional, religious and political differences and seek prosperity together. Our love and loyalty is to Sierra Leone and we must always live by those inspiring words in our National Pledge. Thank you once more and God bless Sierra Leone, the land that we love so dear.

Dr. M’Baimba Lamin Baryoh,

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