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Let us all hold on tight to the rope of hope, believe in our God and support the national effort!

Fellow Sierra Leoneans in the Federal Republic of Germany and the accredited states of Austria and Italy, indeed Sierra Leoneans in Sierra Leone and in every other place on this shared planetary space, I would very much like, on behalf of myself and staff at the Sierra Leone embassy here in Germany, to wish us all the strength of faith and the power of hope to help us hover through this very cloudy patch.

In this most harrowing of abnormal times, we need courage and faith, we need hope and love, but above all, we need God to guide us all as we work, together, to face our common challenge.

Our planet needs us, our country needs us! We need ourselves!

It is obvious that every government in every corner of the world is finding new ways to grapple with a situation that is as unprecedented in its dimension as it is devastating in its effect. What is also clear is that the government of H.E. President Julius Maada Bio has been evidently very proactive in its efforts as Sierra Leone sadly steps into the field of a still unfolding global battle. I have no doubt that this government will continue to do everything to lead us through.

Therefore, I want to plead to every single Sierra Leonean, wherever we may be, to intensify our support for the initiatives taken by government and national and international healthcare bodies in leading our nation through a deeply trying time.

Please remember:
this is not a political fight; this is a fight for our lives!
May God almighty help us to win this battle and to rise way above its deadly effects!

H. E. Dr. M’Baimba Lamin Baryoh,
(SL Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria and Italy)

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